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The North Shore MicMac District Council Inc. was incorporated in 1987 as a not-for-profit entity to provide advisory and technical assistance to its member First Nations. Originally, this assistance was limited to Finance, Capital Works Projects (water & sewer infrastructure), Community Economic Development and Band Governance. It has since expanded to include Post-Secondary Education, Child and Family Services, Housing Inspection Services, First Nation Human Resource Development and Aboriginal Fisheries Program, as well as other contracted services. NSMDC is comprised of seven First Nations situated along the north and east coast of New Brunswick and includes Eel River Bar, Pabineau, Eel Ground, Metepenagiag, Indian Island, Bouctouche, and Fort Folly. The Chiefs of the seven First Nations are members of the Board of Directors and are active in providing guidance to the staff in areas that the Council needs to move in.



North Shore Micmac District Council office (Eel Ground Location)

NSMDC location on the map